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Boomerang & Go-Getta 2020 UC Star Award Winners –Dynamic Duo

410 Line Dancers were nominated for 3 UC Star Awards in 2020 (Southern Choreographer of the Year, Southern Dance of the Y ear, National Collaboration of the Y ear) however; we were not finalist for any of the awards. Consequently, when the UC Star Awards came this year, we attended with intentions on having a great time and enjoying the workshops, completing interviews, networking, seeing old friends and acquaintances, learning new dances and of course doing a lot of dancing ourselves. While we were in line to get dinner, to our absolute shock, we were announced as the 2020 UC Star Dynamic Duo Award Winner. Boomerang threw his plate down and ran to the stage. Go-Getta, who was busy making her plate when she was informed of the award, ran to the stage behind Boomerang with her salad on her plate. Like anyone else, we appreciate recognition and awards and although we're not expecting to be awarded, we were gracious and proud of those that did receive the awards and recognition that they deserved.

Receiving a UC Star Award for us is equivalent to the people that do what we do saying, “we appreciate you”! Picking up the award and taking the photo was one thing, but the outpouring of congratulations and comments like “you deserve it” and “great job” is something else in itself. When we saw Kris “St. Louis Flava” White and Lisa “Cinnamon” Mfume break down and cry uncontrollably when they were awarded, initially, my thoughts were, those awards are well earned and deserved, and I am surprised they were

surprised they were honored. They both have worked so hard for so many years and done so much for this community. When our moment came, I think it didn’t hit me until we started hearing from the community so many words of congratulations and how much we deserve it.

When the people you admire, respect, etc., approach and tell you great job you deserve it, it really hits home. Mike Womack, the leader of the UC Star Awards, told us that the committee researched us and we were voted on and selected based off of the hard work we have done throughout the year. In essence, he told us we earned the award. We were both cool about it until we got home and alone, and we recognized what this honor meant to us and what we are trying to accomplish. From our humble beginnings to where we are today, we know this is an honor for all of the students that have come through our doors and we say thank you.

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