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Ep 78. Harmonies and Footsteps: A Conversation with Steve 'Fun Bunch' Dillard

In a recent interview with the multifaceted Steve "Funbunch" Dillard, we delved into the rich tapestry of his journey from co-founding the Funbunch music club with Uncle Jimmy Mack to becoming the visionary behind a dynamic line dance community in Westchester, New York. Our conversation provided a glimpse into the creative mind of a man whose expertise spans music, photography, and the art of line dancing. From the genesis of the Funbunch music club to the organization of the annual Wobble on the Hudson event, Steve shared insights into his transformative experiences and the vibrant world he has woven through the threads of music and dance.

Steve fondly recounted the early days of the Funbunch music club, where he and Uncle Jimmy Mack set out to create a haven relief caregivers. Rooted in a shared passion for melodies that transcended genres, the club quickly became a melting pot of sounds and rhythms, setting the stage for the evolution that would follow.

An exciting highlight of our conversation was Steve's recounting of the annual "Wobble on the Hudson" event. Steve, the orchestrator of this grand celebration, described how the event transforms the city each summer into a stage for line dancers from all walks of life. Wobble on the Hudson stands as a testament to Steve's commitment to fostering unity and spreading the infectious spirit of dance.

Our interview with Steve "Funbunch" Dillard unveiled a narrative of passion, creativity, and community. From the birth of the Funbunch music club to the creation of line dances and the annual Wobble on the Hudson event, Steve's journey reflects the transformative power of music and dance. As a maestro of melodies and a master of movements, Steve "Funbunch" Dillard continues to shape the cultural landscape of Westchester, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of those who dance to his rhythm.

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