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Isha Hutchinson
Isha "Boomerang" Hutchinson

Isha “Boomerang” Hutchinson is synonymous with dynamic energy, creative talent, and innovation. His performing background began as early as middle school, where he performed in staged musicals (and plays). In high school, he played football, basketball, hockey, and ran track. He also participated on the debate team, sports commentating, newspaper reporting, and became a radio host and hip-hop artist through college. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in August of 1994, Isha moved to the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Isha is a servant-leader that focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of others.  He is always looking to enhance the development of the members of 410 Line Dancers in ways that unlock potential, creativity, and sense of purpose.    His vision and leadership has drawn national acclaim and praise from inside and outside of the soul line dancing community.


For his vast body of work, Isha has earned over 100 awards for business, leadership, community service, photography, choreography, dancing, instruction, videography, and many other aspects of 410 Line Dancers.  

Marlo "Go-Getta" Hutchinson

Marlo “Go-Getta” Hutchinson has committed her life to empowering individuals through creativity and movement.   She is a lifetime learner that has studied various forms of dance including African, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Flamenco, under the direction of many talented and inspiring instructors in her over 40 years of experience.     

In high school, she played trumpet, was part of the school marching band, and ran track.   Marlo holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Management from Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA), and was awarded the prestigious Harriett Tubman Award and the Tri-State (PA, NY, NJ) Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of her leadership, and her work as President of The Black Student Union at Chatham.   She moved to Dallas in 1992, and has worked as a programmer for over 24 years.

Marlo is committed to sharing movement with those who consider themselves to have "two left feet.”  She not only brings her expertise in technique and composition to soul line dancing, but also her vast teaching experience. 

Marlo Hutchinson
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