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410 Line Dancers class
410 Line Dancers class
410 Line Dancers class

Our History

In pursuit of a means to unwind from the stresses of a demanding job, Isha discovered the therapeutic power of dance. He frequented local clubs in Dallas, where the most popular line dances filled the air. However, he soon experienced exclusion from certain dance
groups, a feeling that resonated deeply.

Recognizing that others might also be facing similar challenges, on June 30, 2014, 410 Line Dancers was born. Our dance company was founded with a clear mission: to create a close-knit community where everyone is embraced, accepted, and uplifted. Today, 410 Line Dancers proudly stands as the foremost soul line dance company in the state of Texas.

Our iconic slogan, "No Cliques, No Drama...Just GREAT Dancing," serves as a constant reminder of our core values and expectations.

Over the years, our dance classes have evolved into much more than just a place todance and have fun. They have become:


  • A welcoming haven for newcomers to the city, offering an opportunity to make new friends.

  • A sanctuary for those combating depression, where the healing power of dance provides solace.

  • A platform for individuals recovering from injuries to regain mobility and interactivity.

  • A stage for individuals to chase their dance dreams and aspirations.

  • A nurturing family environment where every member feels a sense of belonging.

  • A space where individuals are not just acknowledged but celebrated.

  • A community where everyone can proudly be part of one of the top line dancing companies in the United States.

At 410 Line Dancers, we've transformed line dancing into a source of joy, healing, and unity. We continue to grow as a family, bound by our shared love for dance and our unwavering commitment to inclusion and support.

All About Us

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