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Our History

410 Line Dancers was founded on June 30, 2014, by Marlo "Go-Getta" and  Isha “Boomerang” Hutchinson.   The company was established out of an interest to provide an environment for people to learn soul line dancing, and centered on principles of inclusion, positivity, and upliftment.   It was also created to allows those involved an opportunity to grow intellectually, physically, spiritually, and in addition, to generating performance opportunities for soul line dancers.

410 Line Dancers bridges cultural divides of people from diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, professions, and communities.     We offer a platform that enhances the lives of the community around us (locally, nationally, and internationally) through our dance classes, workshops, performances, events, 410TV, and our various additional projects. 

Our slogan “No Cliques, No Drama…Just GREAT Dancing” was crafted in order to drive home our culture.  At 410 Line Dancers, our class have become:
•   A place for people to socialize and meet friends
•   A place people to fight depression and improve their mental health
•   A place for people healing from injuries to become interactive
•   A place people to manage their weight
•   A place people can reduce their stress
•   A place people can live out their dance aspirations
•   A place people can come to have FUN!

All About Us

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