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Class Description

First Hour - Beginners' Session: In the initial hour, we warmly welcome beginners to our dance family. Our goal is to ignite your passion for movement, foster a sense of joy and creativity, and provide an introduction to the world of soul line dancing. You'll embark on your dance journey by learning fundamental steps, basic terminology, and enjoying some of the simpler, beloved dances in this genre.

Second Hour - Intermediate and Advanced Class: During the second hour, we cater to intermediate and advanced dancers, guiding them through some of the most popular and captivating dances within the realm of soul line dancing. Our aim is to challenge and inspire you with a repertoire of intermediate and advanced dances, allowing you to take your skills to the next level and dive deeper into the world of soul line dancing.

Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your moves, our classes offer a dynamic and inclusive environment for all dance enthusiasts. Join us and let the rhythm lead the way!

  • Single Classes are $10 

  • 5 class packages are $45 

  • 10 class packages are $75 

By paying for class, you are helping to sustain 410 Line Dancers during this challenging time and keeping us in the hearts of the soul line dancing community. We know this is a time of great hardship for so many, and we are grateful for your support.

Sign Up for All Classes

Sign up for an 410 Line Dancers for in person or virtual attendance through our website by clicking the link below.

Join Class

Join us  in person or on Zoom and dance! You will receive an email from  410 line dancers at least an hour before the start of class with the unique link to join.  Join the class 10-15 minutes before class starts to receive information. This link can only be used once so please do not share with other students!

Requirements for online attendance

Download zoom on your phone, iPad (or tablet), or computer before your first class . You do not need to create a Zoom account to join a class.

About Class

All classes are in Dallas, TX (area) CST. If you are having trouble registering for class, try using a different browser or call us at 469-494-9104, to troubleshoot issues.

Class Summary

Welcome to 410 Line Dancers, where our classes cater to everyone, regardless of your dance background or experience level. Whether you're a newcomer to line dancing or an advanced dancer, our inclusive approach is designed to accommodate all.  Our teaching style is characterized by patience and positivity. We're committed to helping you not only learn to dance but also to have the utmost enjoyment throughout your journey. We tailor our pace to meet the needs of our students, ensuring that you can confidently master the dances we introduce.

Each of our classes kicks off with a community-building warm-up and stretching session to guarantee the safety and comfort of every participant before we dive into the dance routines. Join us to experience a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere as you embark on your dance adventure with 410 Line Dancers!

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