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The Texas Jam Facts

  • June 17.18.19 2022

  • Approximate 300 Attendees between our dancers and free community health fair

  • 100 Soul Line Dancers from around the U.S.

  • Irving, TX

  • 20+ community volunteers

  • 2nd Texas Jam Event 

Average Texas Jam Attendee

  • 54% household income over $65k

  • More than 2/3 previous visitors

  • 66% reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex

  • 12% White / 7% Hispanic / 81% African American

Marketing Stats

  • 2.4 Million Media Impression

  • +300,000 Social Media Impressions

  • 5,000 Email Subscribers

Sponsorship Opportunities

Through the generous support of our outstanding partners, The Texas Jam has defined itself as not only one of the top line dancing events in the United States, but also as a world-class event in the world of dance, health & wellness, community involvement and empowerment.


Our corporate sponsors not only increase their branding power among a highly affluent North Texas audience, but more importantly, they become a part of our on-going efforts to better the community and bring arts opportunities to those who most deserve it. 

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