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The 2021 – 410 Line Dancers Annual Photo Shoot

The 410 Line Dancers Annual Photo Shoot is a day of fun activities starting with line dancing and photos for not only 410 Line Dancers, but also, the entire soul line dancing community to enjoy.

The 410 Line Dancers group photo is a classic remake of The Brady Bunch photo featuring not only members from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but also featuring some of the students from around the United States that have become regulars. The incredible photo project, although, it is a classic, is the first of its kind within the soul line dancing community.

“We always try to create a unique group photo each year, and coming up with creative ideas on how we were going to do it, with students from out of town was a real challenge this time. We were excited about our vision coming to light and final results really had the group on cloud 9. The challenge will be what we do next year to top this year’s photo.

Click here to join us in the next class, so you too can begin to enjoy the fun with 410 Line Dancers.

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