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Soul Line Dance Culture Series Interview: DJ Tweety Bird

Meet DJ Tweety Bird, a dynamic force from Maryland who has not only conquered the dance floor as a Line Dance DJ but also emerged as a champion in the battle against mental challenges. In the rhythmic beats and spirited movements of line dancing, DJ Tweety Bird found a saving grace that transcended the challenges life threw at her. Through the power of music and community, they've not just become a maestro behind the turntables but a beacon of resilience, inspiring others to find solace and strength on the dance communut. Join us in celebrating the uplifting journey of a Line Dance DJ who turned adversity into a source of empowerment, proving that the dance community is not just about steps but a transformative journey towards healing and triumph. #DanceTherapy #MentalHealthChampion #LineDanceMagic 🎶💪💃

410TV was established with a primary mission to provide comprehensive coverage of soul line dancing, music, and entertainment news. Our platform aims to raise awareness of the art of dance, community leadership, and unwavering determination within the U.S. line dance community. We dedicate our efforts to spotlighting various aspects of soul line dancing, including events, conferences, choreographies, instructors, influencers, and prominent figures. 410TV is renowned for its independent and truthful reporting, always fostering a positive outlook. In recognition of our commitment to journalism excellence, we are honored to announce our nomination for the prestigious 2021 ICFJ Knight International Journalism Award by the International Center for Journalists.

Follow the link to the interview and let us know what you think and what you'd like to see more of.

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