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Living Magazine's 2022 Best Dance Studio

We are thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as Living Magazine’s 2022 ‘Best Dance Studio’ in the Coppell/Irving, TX area! The Dallas/Fort Worth area has no shortage of wonderful recreation and performing arts opportunities, so we were honored to be nominated along with other amazing local dance studios.

Thank you to our community for voting for us and for continuing to love and support 410 Line Dancers.

This past year has been challenging for so many, but we are constantly humbled by the trust that our students and our community gives us to be a beacon for positivity and uplift. Dance has kept us connected, inspired us, and brought us joy during some of the darkest times, and we

try to be a consistently positive and fun way of getting people through. Though we have been challenged in ways that we never imagined, we are endlessly proud of the resilience of our students.

They have adapted beautifully to this changing world and continue to show up ready to learn and grow. We put our heart and soul into 410 Line Dancers to make it a truly a magical place, and we are so delighted to share it with our community.

We believe 410 Line Dancers would not be possible without our dancers, their families, our community encouraging and supporting us as we move forward.

Thank you again for your trust, love, and support.

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