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Dance Maverick Chronicles: Navigating Line Dance Culture with Carlos Vieira Jr.

Interview with Carlos Vieria Jr

Meet Carlos Vieira Jr., a dynamic force in the world of line dancing whose entrepreneurial spirit has set him apart in the line dance community. Known as the Line Dance DJ, Carlos wears multiple hats, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of his dance journey.

Every week, Carlos extends his passion for line dancing by hosting engaging beginner classes, making the joy of dance accessible to all. His commitment to fostering a welcoming dance community is evident in the success of these weekly sessions.

Carlos didn't stop there. He pioneered the concept of labeling his line dance event, the "Beginner’s Ball," an annual extravaganza held in the heart of Richmond, VA. This event has become a celebrated occasion, bringing together line dance enthusiasts from far and wide to groove and celebrate the joy of movement.

In a unique and heartwarming partnership, Carlos joined forces with his mother, Avis Gardner, to offer something truly special – line dance cruises. Annually, they curate unforgettable dance experiences aboard cruise ships, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Looking toward the horizon, Carlos and Avis are set to make history in 2025. For the first time, they will charter an entire cruise ship, taking charge of the entertainment and ensuring a dance-filled voyage like never before. This marks a significant milestone in Carlos's journey, reflecting his unwavering dedication to spreading the love of line dancing far and wide.

Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of Carlos Vieira Jr. in an exclusive podcast interview. Discover the man behind the dance, his entrepreneurial endeavors, and the exciting future that lies ahead in the world of line dancing. Get ready to be moved by the rhythm and inspired by the passion that defines Carlos's extraordinary dance odyssey.

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