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Critical Thinking Series – Mental Health & Wellness, Part 1

Since the pandemic, there has been more of a focus on mental health and wellness. Being that most of the members are women, we are interested in finding ways to improve mental health and wellness amongst the students.

A.B.W. Stereotypes, Judgments and the Effects on Mental Health

Because of the angry woman or angry black woman stereotype, black women tend to become desensitized about their own feelings to avoid judgment. They often feel that they must show no emotion outside of their comfortable spaces. That results in the accumulation of these feelings of hurt and can be projected on loved ones as anger. Once seen as angry, black women are always seen in that light and so have their opinions, aspirations, and values dismissed. The repression of those feelings can also result in serious mental health issues, which creates a complex with the strong black woman. As a common problem within the black community, black women and men seldom seek help for their mental health challenges.

In order to become a vehicle of change, we seek to understand ways that we can allow women to fully express themselves in a HEALTHY, constructive way and furthermore at 410, our goal is to encourage women to commit to creating a circle that does not suppress them emotionally.

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