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What Awards Mean To Us – How we became The Award-Winning 410 Line Dancers!

How We became The Award Winning Line Dancers
How We became The Award Winning Line Dancers

There is nothing like the feeling of being appreciated and recognized for your hard work and dedication to your craft. Appreciation and recognition are powerful motivators and are two of the top principles people value in their jobs.

At 410 Line Dancers, we work extremely hard to make our class as fun, inclusive, challenging, and an overall positive experience. Since our opening, we have been recognized for over 175 award nominations for every aspect of what we do from best dance instructor, top choreographer, top choreography, top dance troupe, best small business, best minority owned business, best startup business, best dance instructor, community leadership awards, community service, entrepreneurial awards, best interview, best commercial, best videography, top journalism awards and on and on.

Winning awards have been a great validation of what we've achieved to date and it is an honor to be recognized among a high level of successful community leaders, entrepreneurs, dancers, and choreographers. We feel very proud that we’ve been able to set an example of how to be authentic, show respect and value for others, being passionate about what you do, being of high integrity, working extremely hard, excited about inspiring people to be the best they can be leads to success. To know that our hard work has been recognized is very humbling.

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less”

– C.S. Lewis

Despite our award wins, nominations and recognitions, we do not take honors for granted. We are truly humbled when we receive awards and recognition. 410 Line Dancers has always been about service to others, service to a cause greater than our own ambitions. We operate in service to our community and to those that support us. With each honor or recognition, we recognize that without support, it would be much more difficult to receive honors. Therefore, we share each award and recognition with the group that supports us.

Humility cannot occur without cultivating our comfort with accepting criticism (and compliments)”

As long as the feedback is CONSTRUCTIVE, we seek and submit to feedback from our team, our peers, and even experts in other fields on how we can improve. We apply the Lean concept in our approach to how we do business.

The Lean methodology relies on 3 very simple ideas:

  1. Deliver value from our students’ perspective

  2. Eliminate waste (things that don’t bring value to the end product)

  3. Continuous improvement

Although we are humble, we possess a level of confidence that reflects our true knowledge, skills and abilities. We are working to improving our ability to accept a compliment, and to give a frank assessment of our own abilities, when/if the situation requires.

We do not take the awards to mean that we are better than others, or others need to “get on our level” etc.

We believe that if we do not win, we need to improve in order to achieve success if that’s what we are after.

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