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Update to all our friends and line dancing family

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, 410 Line Dancers, like many other small businesses, have had to think about the best way to respond.

Our #1 priority is to ensure the health and safety of our students, and our instructors. Consequently, despite the reopening of The State of Texas on May 1, 2020, we decided to keep the class virtual until we felt we had a solid plan in place to keep everyone safe.

Back at The Sports Garden DFW

Beginning June 4, 2020, for those that wish to attend class in person, we will be back at The Sports Garden DFW for class. Class cost is $10 per person per class. The class length is 2 hours. The 1st hour ithe instructor teaches beginner line dances and the 2nd hour is intermediate/advanced line dances. We will mark spaces on the floor where students can practice social distancing within class.

Virtual Classes

  • For those that do not feel safe attending class in person, we will continue keeping our class available via Zoom going forward and you will be able to attend from the convenience of your home.

  • If you have been enjoying 410 Line Dancers and you live out of town, you are now able to become a member of our group with our new virtual class option.

  • If you live in the DFW area and class is too far for you, or it’s not convenient to come to The Sports Garden, you can take our interactive class from home.

Responsible leaders

For those of you that have been a part of 410 Line Dancers over the past 6 years, we believe in being consistent and being family, but as responsible leaders, we have always, and will continue to always put the health and safety of our students and instructors first and foremost.

So, if you could help us spread the word that at 410 Line Dancers, there are NO Cliques, No Drama, and no Covid-19…Just Great Dancing and we will see you either in class or virtually.

Until then, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…keep yourselves, your family, and your friends safe and we will all get back to our new “normal” lives real soon.

Thanks Isha aka “Big Brother Boomerang!” and Marlo aka "Go-Getta"

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