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Union Crew (U.C.) Announcement

On the weekend of January 26-30, 2023, Isha “Boomerang” Hutchinson and the 410 Line Dancers will be one of the instructors teaching a dance workshop (advanced dance) and (along with Nzinga Khalid) representing for Texas for the first time, at the 15th Annual U.C. Star Awards in Baltimore, MD.

The 15th Annual UC Star Awards, The Academy Awards of Line Dancing, is the one of the premiere events in the soul line dancing industry, organized by the Union Crew is comprised of 4 days of beginner and advanced dancing, fellowship, a fashion show, the man cave, dance workshops, and much more. They also recognize choreographers, dancers, and influencers in the world of soul line dancing with awards for their outstanding contributions for the year.

Boomerang said, "I am so honored to be able to teach on this platform. I want to make sure that 410 Line Dancers makes a huge impact. Even though I am teaching, 410 Line Dancers is representing everyone in Texas that loves to line dance and this is a great opportunity to showcase what we do, and how much fun we have doing it down in Dallas, TX…where it’s CRUNK like that!

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