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410 Line Dancers Matrix Themed photo shoot exceeds expectations

The annual 410 Line Dancers photo shoot has become a signature event for our students. Our themed photography is as elegant, energetic, and dramatic as subjects we shoot who are bringing our ideas to life. As photographers, we capture pictures of dancers with powerful expressions and highlight the spirit of the theme.

This year, we chose The Matrix as our photography theme, and although we thought it would be fun, the final product turned out better than expected.

“The people that have been around for any length of time know we set the bar extremely high on everything we do. We want people to see the 410 Line Dancers logo and associate that with the highest quality possible, whether it comes to dancing, or anything else we do. Our people have grown to expect that, which brings a lot of pressure, but pressure makes diamonds or burst pipes. Our job is to make diamonds and this year, I am even impressed with what we ended up with. The line dancing community has taken notice as well, they have been very supportive and complementary to what we came up with, but for me, seeing our group so excited, even the people that know we are going to bring it, that means a lot to me. I have NO IDEA how we are going to top this next year, but I say that every year,” says Isha “Boomerang” Hutchinson.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The group is awesome! It is totally progressive and fun. What a fantastic group of people.

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