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410 Line Dancers hosts the Men of Soul Line Dancing – monthly networking meeting

In an effort to bring the men of soul line dancing together and to network, 410 Line Dancers began hosting an online networking Zoom conference designed for the men of soul line dancing to get to know each other, build connections, network virtually with the other leaders of the industry, exchange ideas, and to support each other.

These fun, productive 2 plus hour networking events began with just 3 men of soul line dancing (Will Baker, Isha Hutchinson, Carlos Vieira Jr.,) and grew to include inviting any men in the soul line dancing industry. This event gives each person a chance to get to know each other, as many of the men in line dancing, despite being familiar, rarely have an opportunity to really get to know each other. It also gives opportunity discuss issues surrounding the industry. Many things that may affect the industry can be discussed with other leaders, as well as ideas on how to improve and move the industry further. If you have a positive attitude, care about soul line dancing, and are male, this networking meeting is for you.

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