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410 Line Dancers enters the 2023 SubSummit Pitch Competition Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX — 1/25/23 – 410 Line Dancers announced today that they have entered in the 2023 SubSummit Pitch Competition in Dallas, TX showcasing their subscription’s potential for a chance to win $50,000 in cash and prizes!

The pitch contest tells what makes subscriptions to our group special, and we could be selected to pitch LIVE at SubSummit 2023 in Dallas on May 31!

In this year’s virtual Pitch Competition semifinals, 20 subscription innovators will have the opportunity to talk about their businesses and growth strategies for a chance at the ultimate prize.

410 Line Dancers, based in Coppell, TX, is the leading line-dancing company in Texas, which offers soul line-dancing lessons ranging from the easiest to most complex dances. We provide soul line-dance lessons to all, regardless of age or dance skill level, in a safe dance studio environment.

“We will have the opportunity to pitch 410 Line Dancers to the world, Shark Tank style, and let them know we are not only good at dance, innovation, and creativity, but also, we are a growing force in business. It is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to grow in a positive direction.” said Isha “Boomerang” Hutchinson, leader of 410 Line Dancers.

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