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410 Line Dancers Award Criteria

410 Line Dancers provides student recognition as a way to say thank you and to encourage a

positive productive and innovative organizational climate.

The Distinguished Dancer Award
Eligibility Requirements

The Distinguished Dancer is open to 410 Line Dancers students ONLY. Students must attend at minimum 45% classes in a calendar year for consideration.

  • Supporting the class and instructors – Student support of the 410 efforts is vital to the success of the 410 Line Dancers class.

  • Students must attend at least 45% of the overall classes in a year.

  • Dance improvement/Perseverance – If students have perseverance, learning the material will get easier.

  • Attitude – Students that have a great attitude and are easy to get along with and contribute to the positive culture in class.

  • Willingness to perform - Performing helps market 410 Line Dancers. We often shoot videos of dances we have created own dances, and instructional videos of other choreographers’ dances

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