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2022 Plans for 410 TV – What are we doing NEXT?

In 2022, we have huge plans for 410 TV. We have begun shooting interviews again but we are going to adjust to the newest variant of Covid-19 and interview via Zoom. We had been resistant to the idea mainly because we thought it may impact the quality of our work but we are in the works on some great ideas on how to make it go to the next level.

We continue to set high goals and standards, and work hard to meet them. We are evolving 410TV to adapt to the current times, as well as to create opportunities to spotlight other dance groups / companies grow and flourish and utilizing our platform for positivity.

Mission Statement: To teach and create the top soul lines dances (ranging from the easiest to the most complex dances) and cultivate a standard of excellence while maintaining a low pressure & positive environment.

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