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Top 5 Ways To Resolve Beef In Line Dancing

In the next few weeks, we are going to share how to resolve "beef" in line dancing.

People participate in the soul line dance world for several reasons, including the camaraderie, the dancing, the fun, the positivity and sense of community it all brings. Soul line dancing brings people from all over the U.S. onto a dance floor in any city and everyone can bond over the love of dancing. Most can agree, it’s a beautiful thing to see hundreds and at times (see U.C. Awards or United We Dance events) thousands of people from all over the United States dancing the same dance with their different spin and interpretation of the choreography. It’s a great to see lots of people together having fun and there are no fights, shootings, stabbings, or robberies…in fact, absolutely no violence.

Just under the surface of everyone having a great time, there is underlying beef, issues, grudges and other disharmony that has been a major cause of the community to be stifled in its growth attempt. In an ideal situation, we all see the value of getting along and cooperating for the greater good, but in reality, it’s very difficult to actually pull off.

Sometimes, someone will speak about the need of us to come together or “let’s just dance” at events, which is always met with affirmative nods, applause, and approvals. Despite everyone’s best efforts, there is always beef in line dancing that seems to be in every city that has more than one group or company. The question is why does this happen, and why can’t we find a way to come together and further the entire community? There seems to be 5 primary reasons that causes or continue beefs.

Refrain from Gossiping

Gossip is defined as speaking to someone who is neither directly part of the problem or the solution in a situation, concerning another person who is not present which is often times hidden behind the guise of “trying to help another person” by spreading their issues behind their back. Gossiping is an extremely toxic and destructive form of communication.

Many people are guilty of gossiping, however, no one takes it well when they find out they are the subject of the gossip. Gossip is poison and so common in relationships, in conversations and in our experience that we hardly even notice it.

The problem with people that gossip is that…well, they are people that gossip! That means that if they are going to talk about someone to you, they will talk about you to someone else as well. Depending on what is said, gossip can have lasting and irreparable repercussions. When people find out that they are being discussed in a negative light, it will either severely strain the relationship or completely destroy it.

The best way to not have beef in the community is to avoid gossiping about others.

Check us out next week for the next tip.

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