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410 Line Dancers 2022 Planning

As we enter the 4th quarter of the year, 410 Line Dancers has begun our 2022 planning. Now more than ever, planning is essential to the survival of any small business, especially a small business in the arts and entertainment industry coming out of Covid-19. “We are always trying to continuously improve what we do and we are always interested in improving the class and the customer experience. We always seek ways to make it more fun, acquire and keep students, and although we recognize pleasing everyone is impossible, we want our students to be as happy as possible. We have been especially focused on listening to what we can do to make it better for the people that support 410 Line Dancers. We are interested in selling the highest quality we can get for the lowest possible pricing.

From a business perspective, we have been especially focused on our budget, specifically our travel budget. Traveling has been one of the biggest expenses, and with Covid- 19 still being a major issue in the U.S., and with us not able to see a maximum R.O.I. for our travel, we travel destinations, primarily because it doesn’t make much sense to offer fiscal value to others committed to NOT offering value in return. We also have plans for 410 TV. We haven’t been able to do the interviews mainly because we have not traveled as much as we do not feel that conducting virtual interviews represents what we are trying to do, we are in the works on some great ideas on how to make it go to the next level.

We continue to set high goals and standards, and work hard to meet them. We try to lead the way in continued growth, uplifting our students, treating students with respect and high regard, creating a great customer experience, being a positive light to the Dallas/Fort Worth community and the entire soul line dancing world, being a vessel for positive change, helping other line dance groups / companies grow and flourish and utilizing our platform for positivity.

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