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General Questions


What attire should I wear to class?

It is okay to wear loose shirt, pants or shorts, and sneakers. If you wear sweat shirt and pants, use the thinner material where as the normal sweat top and pants are too bulky for movement. Please wear workout clothes and gym shoes for this class.

Do you teach "club" or wedding line dances?

No, we do not teach wedding line dances. 410 Line Dancers was designed for people who want to explore line dancing beyond the popular line dances performed at birthday and wedding parties.

Do you teach other dance genres?

No. We only teach soul line dancing which is performed under the genre of R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Zydeco, Go-Go, and House music.

Can I record your class?

We do NOT allow any recordings of our class whatsoever.

Can I observe class and see if I like it before I pay?

We do NOT have a try before you buy policy. Class fee applies. https://www.410linedancers.com/class-information

Do you teach country line dancing?

No. Country line dancing is performed with Country music. We teach soul line dancing which is performed under the genre of R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Zydeco, Go-Go, and House music.

Do you share or sell music you teach in your class?

No, we are not authorized to sell music. If you require music to practice, we recommend, that you purchase music from the marketplace such as itunes or amazon.

Is this a workout class?

Although this is not an official fitness class, often times, students have burned up to 1300 calories in one class.

Are there any discounts on class fees?

Yes, you can purchase a 5-class card and save $5 or purchase ao 10-class card and save $20.

Why are you called 410 Line Dancers?

The name 410 Line Dancers derived because Isha Hutchinson pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, in Spring 2004, and former business partner pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, in Spring 2010. The 4 is bigger and the 10 sits on the 4 because Isha (Spr. 04), was Jerry Caston’s (Spr. 10) sponsor into the fraternity.

How does 410 Line Dancers cater to people with “two left feet” AND advanced line dancers?

The first 50 minutes of our classes are catered toward people with little to no experience with line dancing. We teach at a slower pace and teach easy line dances. At the top of the hour our class is catered toward intermediate to advanced line dancers.

How long before I become an official member of the group?

When you come to 410 Line Dancers class, you are a member. We do not have probationary periods or auditions. Our goal is to have people feel included and welcome into our group.

How can I perform with the group?

We have several small rules that are required to perform with 410 Line Dancers.

  • You must be a member of 410 Line Dancers
  • You must have the performance gear we are wearing for that day
  • You must be at all practices
  • You must be friendly and get along with the other people in the group
You must help promote 410 Line Dancers and our core values

What is 410 TV?

410 Line Dancers TV was created in order to interview other choreographers, dancers and influencers in the soul line-dancing community. Our goal is to give the choreographers and instructors around the U.S. an opportunity for the people that love their dances to get to know them. It also allows for groups to promote their events and community service. Our aspirations are to start interviewing musicians and connect them with the people that have created line dances to their music.

Why do you have your slogan “No Cliques, No Drama…Just GREAT Dancing?

When you are outside of a clique, it can be very hurtful, even in adulthood. Our goal is to let potential students and the line dancing community know that our group is inclusive and our expectations are that if they attend our classes, events or outings, we are not interested in cliques. Similarly, we want our class to be light, fun and a stress-free place to go. We display our slogan to be as transparent as possible on what we are about and what our expectations are.

Do you offer transportation to students to attend your class?


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