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2019 Showstopper Challenge

In the Beginning...

In 2015, 410 Line Dancers implemented the "Challenge of the Month" program.  This program was crafted primarily for three reasons:

  1. To ensure that 410 Line Dancers’ students are able to perform advanced line dances. 

  2. To show appreciation and pay homage to the choreographers that have created the selected dances.

  3. To respect and further the culture of the soul line dancing community.

From C.O.M. to Showstopper Challenge...

At the end of each year, 410 Line Dancers holds the Annual Showstopper Challenge.    The challenge is for students to perform all of the Challenge of the Month dances consecutively without help (callouts) from the instructors.  If participants are able to complete the selected dances, they will be awarded our Annual 410 Showstopper Challenge Medal.  In 2019, 410 Line Dancers opened the Showstopper Challenge to anyone in the line dancing community.  


If you would like to participate in the annual Showstopper Challenge, please register below.   REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW.

Cost: $35

Date: 11/21/2021

Time: 6pm - 8pm

The intention is not to make students feel uncomfortable, but rather, to create a fun way for students to learn the advanced line dances.

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