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The Dancing Shoes newsletter?

As 410 Line Dancers to cut through the noise of social media to reach our audience, coming soon, we will begin actively engaging our subscribers by combining two digital media trends — video and email newsletters. Though both tactics are commonly used by communications teams to reach audiences through social media or their inboxes, the 410 TV and Dancing Shoes news will create a combined “video newsletter” approach which adapts the strengths of each to create a relevant, frequent communication channel that is also engaging and easy to consume.

Several decisions are critical to 410 Line Dancers success with our video newsletter:

1. Using a compelling executive spokesperson committed to the video concept: An enthusiastic and knowledgeable leader (or set of leaders) willing to be the face of the video helps en- sure topics are clearly represented and relevant.

2. Producing only need-to-know information: Committing to a short video length helps ensure that only the most relevant or interesting content is shared.

3. Crafting a routine production process and timeline: Clear roles and an understanding of when key steps need to be completed promote clean exchanges between team members and minimal disruption to other work responsibilities.

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