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Line Dance Instructional Series

Instructional Series with Juelz & Dimplez

Julez and Dimplez will resume taping instructional series which will go through steps of line dances that are often seen in an effort to help beginners to be able to view the videos and work on keeping up with the steps. “This is something that has been vital and much needed in the soul line-dancing world. Dimplez has a background in fitness and instructions in the world of fitness and Juelz has the entrepreneurial background. With the two of them, with their diverse skillset, great personalities, leadership and perseverance, it was a pretty easy choice to have them do these videos,” says Isha.

Isha will be shooting the next soul line dancing PSA in which he will be discussing how each instructor represents their group and/or acts as their own brand. “I think that too often in line dancing, instructors and group leaders do not realize when they do something great, it represents their entire group, as well as when they do something not so great. We as leaders must keep that in mind when we are posting things on Facebook, doing videos, and when we are interacting with other groups or other instructors at events. I think if that is in the front of our minds, it may help to make everyone cognizant that we have to treat each other well,” says Isha.

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