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Dance Floor Etiquette for Line Dancing

The following is meant to provide some guidelines when enjoying line dancing at any line dance party.

1. Give your fellow dancers room to move. Don't hog floor space at their expense and don't accidentally dance on top of them.

2. If you are a beginner, tolerate experienced dancers. They may need a little more room than you might expect. For everyone else - remember, you were a beginner once.

3. If you don't know the dance, dance in another part of the floor where you are not in anyone's way.

4. If the dance floor is empty and you are starting off the dance, go to the front so that others can line up behind you.

5. If the dance has already started when you arrive on the dance floor, pick up the dance at whatever point those already on the floor are at. Linedancing is all about dancing in step with everyone else, after all. Also join the end of a line, not the middle!

6. Don’t be tempted to stop dancing to teach, especially if there is no room. Try to teach off the floor if you can find space. On the other hand, if you notice someone nearby who is having trouble, it is quite acceptable to call out the steps (but not too loudly), whilst continuing to dance yourself. This in fact is a good thing to do - it's a great encouragement.

7. Beginner's are advised to stick to the center of the dance floor - that way, no matter what wall you may be facing, there will be someone in front of you who (hopefully) knows the dance and whom you can follow. The reverse of this is that advanced dancer's should try to stick to the sides.

8. If the floor is crowded, take small steps, but watch out for collisions.

9. If you bump into someone, it is customary to apologize whether it is your fault or not. It never hurts to be polite.

~Source: Line Dance Sydney

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