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410 Line Dancers, WWE Superstar Ron Killings aka R-Truth, & "Bout It" collab on Barnyard Flexin'

When Isha Hutchinson (Boomerang) received the call, the caller used his real name, almost to be as conspicuous as possible. The caller mentioned he had a new song he recorded and needed some dancers for the upcoming video shoot. While Boomerang searched YouTube for the song, the caller described his vision for the video. When the search results return a list of matches, Boomerang saw the name and instantly knew who he was, WWE Superstar Ron Killings aka "R-Truth" .

Since Boomerang is a lifelong wrestling fan, he said yes, 410 Line Dancers would love to participate in whatever Mr. Killing's video shoot without any details about the the groups' role.The opportunity was simply too big, and although he’s a WWE Superstar, R-Truth wanted to take his music to the next level. He called 410 Line Dancers to create a dance with him and work with his producer, Justin “J-Trx” Echols, to create a new dance to “Barnyard Flexin."

This dance, created by R-Truth, Go-Getta, Boomerang, and Jennifer "Bout It" Gonzalez will be featured in the upcoming video (shot at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth) where Go-Getta, Mama Steele, LadyBug, and Boomerang battled against some of the best Hip-Hop dancers with R-Truth acting as referee.

“It was so much fun to be able to do that…a bucket list item for me, personally and I was so excited that Ladybug, Go-Getta and Mama Steele got to have that once in a lifetime experience with me” says Boomerang.

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