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2022 Show Stopper Challenge

On Sunday November 20, 2022, 410 Line Dancers will hold our 8th Annual Showstopper Challenge.

This is such a fun time of the year for me because we get to see how well our students are doing, honor the choreographers that made fantastic dances and most importantly, honor our students for their progress, hard work and dedication.

The 2022 dances were very challenging, as this Showstopper Challenge award is the best we have had yet,” says Boomerang. We will be reaching out to the choreographers for our Challenge of the Month program to have them be there and enjoy the students enjoying their dances.

If you are not a member of 410 Line Dancers, but want to watch or participate in the challenge, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW on 410 Line Dancers facebook events page. After your purchase, we will send you the 6 Challenge of the Month dances for you to learn.

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